1. “Digital Transformation of the Automotive Industry” by Uwe Winkelhake. This book provides recommendations for the digital transformation of the automotive industry, focusing on a shift from vehicle to mobility-oriented business models. The book covers four digitalization fields, success factors such as corporate culture and IT, and includes practical examples. An outlook on the industry in 2040 is also provided.


2. “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with Industrial Applications – From Big Data to Small Data” by Diego Carou, Antonio Sartal and J. Paulo Davim. This book discusses the uses of machine learning and AI in the industrial sector. It covers topics such as data processing, model and feature selection, and ethical considerations. The authors highlight the importance of utilizing both big and small data in industrial settings and provide case studies to illustrate their benefits. Overall, the book provides an in-depth overview of the intersection of machine learning and AI with industry, and offers valuable insights for interested readers.

3. “The Future of the Automotive Industry” by Imma Martinez. This book provides an overview of the current state of analytics in the automotive industry and explores the potential for data-driven decision making in areas such as product development, manufacturing, and customer engagement.